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Between Frames 2010

In these Between frames sessions the teams behind the films will draw upon the aspects of the films you can’t necessarily see.
They aim to discover what goes on behind the camera, explore the sets as well as understand the creative inspiration, the production process and the choices made whether the films are


  • Making of presentations, for released films
  • Features at Noon, for features in competition or still in production
  • Work in progress

These meetings are similarly the chance for film teams to seek out new partners and explore new territories.
Besides the annual invitation to discover thousands of finished images, these meetings demonstrate support for the feature film at every stage of production.

Work in progress or find out what goes on in the different stages of a film production:

exploring animation techniques, screenplay research, graphic decisions etc.

These WIP sessions are the perfect opportunity to relive the different stages of features in production and a chance to ask directors questions about their decisions on the projects,

in short, they are a way of sharing the challenges encountered!

While waiting for the films to be released, come along to the Petite salle at Bonlieu and hear more about them.

© B&T Studios / PNA -

Da Hai

A girl, a boy, mystical creatures and the ocean make up the ingredients for a feature entirely made in China.

© Diabolo Films -

The Suicide Shop

Patrice Leconte has taken up the artistic and technical challenge of a first animation film in stereoscopic 2D... and music...

© Jock Animation -

Jock of the Bushveld

Rediscover a classic story from African family 's literature with music by Tim Rice.

© Folimage -

A Cat in Paris

The double life of a cat...

Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli change format and take up the feature challenge.

© Breakthru -

La Machine volante

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of composer Chopin and take a trip in a strange machine in the company of the Peter and the Wolf crew.

© Illuminated Films -

Not the End of the World

Noah's ark revisited in a wildly funny and moving British film directed by Piet Kroon.

© Lo Coloco Films -


Carlos Carrera goes back to his earlier love for animation and tells us about a little girl's disconcerting quest.

© Spirit Production -

The Painting

The people in a picture pass through the mirror and come to life in the real world.