Annecy Logo Annecy en Copyright 2015, CITIA Site officiel du Festival, du Marché du film d'animation, des Conférences et du Carrefour de la Création d'Annecy. 1440 Tue, 06 Oct 2015 18:48:27 +0200 Tue, 06 Oct 2015 18:48:27 +0200 Focus on Animation Webzine Take a look back over the highlights of Annecy 2015 in the free webzine, created by Focus on Animation.<br /><p>The <a title="Visit Focus on Animation website" href="" target="_blank">Focus on Animation</a> webzine #4 on the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market 2015 is online. Film critics, interviews, conferences summaries and keynotes: take a look back over the highlights of the last edition! (In French only)</p> <br /> <iframe src="" width="790" height="450"></iframe> Thu, 10 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Support platform for innovative projects <p>CITIA created this support platform, financed by the Savoie region Assembly, in 2012.</p> <br /><br /><p><strong>Objective:</strong> to help one or more projects move from the concept and experimental to pre-industrial stage.</p> <p>This recurrent support initiative involves a network of experts and industry professionals that encourages an ecosystem conducive to innovation.</p> <p>Each year, one or more projects originating predominantly from graduation course work, but also from independents or structures working on innovative emerging projects, are assisted with funds to help them get off the ground.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn1" href="">Téléchargez le dossier d'information et de candidature</a> (limite de dépot des dossiers le 16 septembre 2015)</strong></p> <br /> <p><strong>More informations: <a href=""></a><br /></strong></p> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0200 New TFou d’Animation competition At the most recent Annecy Festival, TFou revealed the new theme for its competition: "Le monde sera plus beau, si la Terre a moins chaud!" (The world will be a cool place, if Planet Earth can cool off!)<br /><p>Every year, the <a title="More info about the TFou d'animation competition" href="" target="_blank">TFou d’animation</a> competition is launched in order to unveil new talents, advocate awareness among children and thus back creativity while promoting a fun or public-spirited theme.</p> <p>After having declared Marie Manand’s film the top 2014 winner, dealing with the subject "Lire c’est délire" (Reading is wild!), the 2015 edition’s environmental theme was announced at Annecy: "<strong>Le monde sera plus beau, si la Terre a moins chaud!</strong>" (The world will be a cool place, if Planet Earth can cool off!)</p> <p>Applicants have until 30<sup>th</sup> September to hand in a scenario on this topic. After that, the winner will be chosen by a reading committee and awarded a prize of 1,000 € offered by the <a title="Visit SACD website" href="" target="_blank">SACD</a>. Production on the film will begin in January and be financed by the <a title="Visit TF1 group website" href="" target="_blank">TF1 group </a>up to 15,000 €. To top this off, the film will be premiered at the June 2016 Annecy Festival.</p> <p><strong>Would you like to give it a try? </strong>Read about <a title="More info about the TFou d'animation competition" href="" target="_blank">sign-up details</a> and send in your enrolment file before <strong>30<sup>th</sup> September</strong>.</p> Tue, 28 Jul 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Summary of Annecy 2015 Conferences During the Annecy 2015 Meetings, 13 conferences were held for accredited pass-holders. Discover summaries of 5 of them.<br /><p>These Meetings – on a parallel with Work in Progress, Making Of, Masterclasses and Keynotes – provide 3 types of conferences: Creation, Production Organisation and Business Conferences.</p> <p>Led by animation industry specialists, these encounters address the sector’s present and future stakes not only from a creative viewpoint, but also from that of production, circulation and distribution.</p> <p>Thanks to the top-tier speakers and the excellent presentations, these events again proved to be huge crowd pleasers this year.</p> <p>Explore the summaries of 5 of these Annecy 2015 conferences.</p> <p><a class="btn btn1" title="Check out the Annecy 2015 Conference Summaries" href="" target="_blank"> 2015 Conference Summaries</a></p> Fri, 10 Jul 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Annecy 2015 Ambiance Videos Watch the Ambiance videos from the 2015 Annecy Festival, and get an idea of what happened during this colourful and emotional week!<br /><p>Altimax put together the 2015 Annecy Festival ambiance video! You can get a glimpse of the highlights from the 39th Festival in just a few minutes. You can see the big names who showed up as well as the ambiance from the Festival, Mifa and meetings with the Conferences, Work in Progress, Keynote, Masterclass, and Making of sessions! Who knows, you might even spot yourself in the crowd amongst all the other animation-crazed fans!</p> <p>The ambiance video was shown at the Closing Ceremony and is now online on the <a title="Watch the Annecy Festival ambiance video on YouTube" href="" target="_blank">Annecy Festival's YouTube channel</a>.</p> <div class="blc_iframe"><img class="blc_iframe_img" src="" alt="" /> <iframe src="" width="720" height="405"></iframe></div> Tue, 30 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 A few words from some of the awarded people at Annecy 2015 This year the juries of the Annecy Festival have attributed 17 prizes and 11 special prizes. Some of the happy prizewinners wanted to share their feelings about that.<br /><p><strong>A word from Michel Gondry</strong>, Director of <em>Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky</em>, <strong>André Martin Award for a French Feature Film</strong>:</p> <p>"<em>Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Annecy Festival.<br /> I've always loved animation, even before I loved film. <br /> It allowed me to express my feelings and to tell little stories; sometimes it was quite a mess.<br /> I say this because my first little films were never selected here. But I understand that compared to the masterpieces I've seen at Annecy, they must have seemed quite amateur. <br /> So you can imagine my surprise and joy to have received this award tonight. The award and being accepted by the animation community mean a great deal to me. This film is dedicated to a genius, to Noam Chomsky's integrity and ideas. He stimulated, motivated and inspired me during the long moments I passed drawing at my animation table with my 16 mm Bolex. <br /> I'd like to thank Georges Bermann who tolerated this project and Sheilac who fought to distribute it. Thanks again.</em>"</p> <p><strong>A word from Frank Zerban and Olaf Taranczewski</strong>, composers of the film <em>Dissonance </em>which received the <strong>Best Original Music Award sponsored by the SACEM</strong>:</p> <p>"<em>It would be such a pleasure to be there with you right now!<br /> We are SO honored to receive this very special Award!<br /> Working on the score for </em>Dissonance <em>took us two years and pushed us beyond our musical limits.<br /> But it was such a blast!<br /> Thank you Till Nowak for creating this strangely-beautiful 'state of mind' and giving us the opportunity to shape it into music.<br /> Thank you to the SACEM & Annecy!</em>"</p> <p><strong>A word from Till Nowak</strong>, Director of <em>Dissonance</em>:</p> <p>"<em>I am amazed. This award belongs to the two composers of the music of </em>DISSONANCE<em>, Olaf Taranczewski and Frank Zerban. They put a lot of effort into producing the music over two years. To compose a piano concert for a rotating piano with wave-like octaves, and to solve the musical interpretation of a psychotic state of mind somewhere between beauty and disaster, between reality and fantasy, between analogue and electronic worlds, was quite a challenge and I am very proud and thankful for their work. And of course I thank the jury and the Festival for this great honour. I was in Annecy in 2006, when I received the award for the "Best First Film", but this year unfortunately I could not make it. I wish you all a great evening and look forward to meeting you all in the future!</em>"</p> Tue, 23 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 'Variety' is covering the 2015 Festival! <p>The daily from <em>Variety</em>, partner of the Annecy Festival, is online. <a title="Check out the daily from Variety" href="" target="_blank">Check out their coverage of the event</a>.</p><br /> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 'Le film français' is covering the Festival! The last "Quotidien" from <em>Le film français</em>, partner of the Annecy Festival, is online. <a title="Check out the daily from Le film français" href="" target="_blank">Check out their coverage of the event</a>.<br /> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Discover the 2015 Award-winners! The awards for the 2015 International Animation Film Festival have been announced! Congratulations to all the winners!<br /><p>Awards distributed at the 2015 Closing Ceremony:</p> <p><strong>SHORT FILMSS</strong></p> <ul> <li>Cristal for a Short Film: <em><strong>We Can't Live Without Cosmos</strong></em> by <strong>Konstantin Bronzit</strong></li> <li>Jury Award: <em><strong>The Master</strong></em> by <strong>Riho Unt</strong></li> <li>"Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a First Film: <em><strong>Guida </strong></em>by <strong>Rosana Urbes</strong></li> <li>Jury Distinction: <em><strong>World of Tomorrow</strong></em> by <strong>Don Hertzfeldt</strong></li> <li>Audience Award: <em><strong>World of Tomorrow</strong></em> by <strong>Don Hertzfeldt</strong></li> <li>"Off-Limits" Award: <em><strong>Mynarski Death Plummet</strong></em> by <strong>Matthew Rankin</strong></li> </ul> <p><strong>FEATURE FILMS </strong></p> <ul> <li>Cristal for a Feature Film: <em><strong>April and the Extraordinary World</strong></em> by <strong>Franck Ekinci</strong> and <strong>Christian Desmares</strong></li> <li>Jury Award: <em><strong>Miss Hokusai</strong></em> by <strong>Keiichi Hara</strong></li> <li>Audience Award: <em><strong>Long Way North</strong></em> by <strong>Rémi Chayé</strong></li> </ul> <p><strong>TV FILMS </strong></p> <ul> <li>Cristal for a TV Production: <em><strong>Hello World! "Long-Eared Owl"</strong></em> by <strong>Éric Serre</strong></li> <li>Jury Award for a TV Series: <em><strong>Rita and Crocodile "Fisherman"</strong></em> by <strong>Siri Melchior</strong></li> <li>Jury Award for a TV Special: <em><strong>The Mitten</strong></em> by <strong>Clémentine Robach</strong></li> </ul> <p><strong>COMMISSIONED FILMS </strong></p> <ul> <li>Cristal for a Commissioned Film: <em><strong>Rotary "Fateline"</strong></em> by <strong>Suresh Eriyat</strong></li> <li>Jury Award: <em><strong>NSPCC "Lucy and the Boy"</strong></em> by <strong>Yves Geleyn </strong></li> </ul> <p><strong>GRADUATION FILMS</strong></p> <ul> <li>Cristal for a Graduation Film: <em><strong>My Dad</strong></em> by <strong>Marcus Armitage</strong></li> <li>Jury Award: <em><strong>Edmond </strong></em>by <strong>Nina Gantz</strong></li> <li>Jury Distinction: <em><strong>Brume, cailloux et métaphysique</strong></em> by <strong>Lisa Matuszak</strong></li> </ul> <p><a title="Check out the 2015 award winners " href="" target="_blank">You can also look up the winners of the special prizes</a></p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Annecy 2015 Comes to an End! The International Animation Film Festival is closing its curtains, and we'd like to thank you for participating!<br /><p>The International Animation Film Festival is over! This year was a big hit, and it's all thanks to you! The Festival team is very grateful to all of you who came to celebrate animation: fans, volunteers and professionals. In the end, there were over 8,250 accreditations and 125,000 participants came to visit the beautiful city of Annecy.</p> <p>We'll see you in 2016, from 13<sup>th</sup> to 18<sup>th</sup> June, for the 40<sup>th</sup> Annecy Festival, with France in the spotlight.</p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Last Day of Screenings! Come on Sunday 21<sup>st</sup> June to a screening of prizewinning films from Annecy 2015!<br /><p>Tomorrow you can enjoy free screenings of the films that won awards the night before at the Closing Ceremony in 3 of the Festival theatres.</p> <p><strong>Bonlieu Grande salle</strong><br /> <strong>2:30 pm:</strong> award-winning shorts<br /> <strong>4:30 pm:</strong> award-winning TV and commissioned films<br /> <strong>6:30 pm:</strong> award-winning shorts</p> <p><strong>Pathé 1</strong><br /> <strong>11:00 am:</strong> award-winning TV and commissioned films<br /> <strong>6:00 pm:</strong> award-winning shorts</p> <p><strong>La Turbine </strong><br /> <strong>5:00 pm:</strong> award-winning shorts</p> <p>Doors open 30 minutes before the screening. No reservations or tickets required, first come first seated.</p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Check out the Exhibitions! The 2015 Annecy Festival is over... but the exhibitions are still happening!<br /><p>For those of you that didn't have the time to check out the Exhibitions during the Festival, a few of them are still open even after the event.</p> <p><strong>Focus on Les Films de l'Arlequin</strong><br /> Until 31<sup>st</sup> December at the CITIA Exhibition, you can explore the original visual world of this French production company.</p> <p><strong>Alexeieff/Parker, Shadow Tamers</strong><br /> At the Musée-Château until 5<sup>th</sup> October, this exhibition takes you inside the dreamlike aesthetic of the pinscreen.</p> <p><strong>"Yellowbird": Behind the Animated Scenes</strong><br /> You still have two weeks to come and see some animation tricks from this 2014 feature. Stop by the Bonlieu library before 4<sup>th</sup> July.</p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 Annecy Festival Volunteers The Annecy Festival would like to give a special thanks to the volunteers, without whom this event couldn't take place.<br /><p>A big thank you to all the volunteers, of which there were <strong>over 300 this year</strong>. You were a critical part in the International Animation Film Festival, Meetings and Market's success in 2015!</p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 The Annecy Festival in images! Relive the Annecy Festival highlights with these videos, available on our YouTube channel!<br /><p>On the <a title="Visit Annecy Festival YouTube Channel" href="" target="_blank">Annecy Festival YouTube channel</a>, you can find videos from the event, like the partners' trailer, the Mifa's 30th birthday messages from animation studios, recordings of the Meetings (Keynotes, interviews, etc), the Festival ambiance video and more. <br />You can also watch all the videos from the Shorts & Breakfast and Students' Snack Time sessions.</p> <p>It's a great way to check out Annecy 2015, whether you were there or not!</p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200 A Selection of Annecy 2015 Film at the Forum des images On 1<sup>st</sup> and 2<sup>nd</sup> July, prizewinning films from the Annecy Festival will be screened at the Forum des images in Paris.<br /><p>Two day screenings will be held on 1<sup>st</sup> and 2<sup>nd</sup> July 2015 at the Forum des images in Paris. These screenings are organised by the Annecy Festival, the Forum des images and the Agence du court métrage. It's a great opportunity for those of you who coulnd't make it to Annecy to see the prizewinning films from 2015.</p> <p>Detailed programme will be published on 26th June: - Prizewinning short films (part 1) - A film selected by the Agence du court métrage - Prizewinning short films (part 2) - Prizewinning feature film</p> <p>For more information, go to the <a title="Visit Forum des images website" href="" target="_blank">Forum des images website</a> (in French only).</p> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0200