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The Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (Mifa): the major international event for over 8,000 industry professionals.

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  • Mission prospection Canada - Mission prospection Canada -

    Mission Prospection Canada

    Published 4th Feb 2016 - Take part in a business mission for companies connected to animation and transmedia in Montreal, from 20 to 22 April.

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    Launch of NEF Animation

    Published 28th Jan 2016 - NEF Animation, the first French professional associative platform devoted to writing and animation, has just been launched.

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  • Ouverture des accréditations - Ouverture des accréditations -

    Accreditation for Annecy 2016 is Open!

    Published 26th Jan 2016 - Online Festival, Mifa and Meetings accreditation to take part in Annecy 2016, from 13th to 18th June, is now open.

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  • Inscrivez votre film ou votre projet pour participer à Annecy 2016 - Photo : L. Conesa/CITIA Inscrivez votre film ou votre projet pour participer à Annecy 2016 - Photo : L. Conesa/CITIA

    Last Chance to Submit Films and Projects!

    Published 19th Jan 2016 - You only have a few days left to try and take part in Annecy 2016 by submitting your films and projects.

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Animation Focus

  • Force Correction

    Publié le 8 Fév 2016 par Tom McLean -   ILM goes back to the beginning to find inspiration for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the long-awaited next chapter in the beloved saga.  For Star Wars: The Force Awakens,... >>> Lire la suite

  • Animation Architects

    Publié le 8 Fév 2016 par Animation Magazine - Industrial Light and Magic has created pure movie wizardry for four decades — and we look back at some of the best animated moments from its vast archive of achievements.... >>> Lire la suite

  • Impromptu and Improvised

    Publié le 8 Fév 2016 par Tom McLean - Ale Abreu’s animated Boy & the World one idea at a time, creating a popular political powerhouse of a movie that has a good shot at an Oscar nomination.  Boy & the World is... >>> Lire la suite

  • Heroes By Night

    Publié le 8 Fév 2016 par Tom McLean - The nocturnal adventures of the superhero team PJ Masks surprises with high quality animation and runaway success. If you spend any time around preschoolers, you’ve likely... >>> Lire la suite

  • Nature Goes Digital

    Publié le 8 Fév 2016 par Bill Desowitz - ILM uses movement, choreography to make the bear attack in The Revenant as realistic and harrowing as possible.  Industrial Light & Magic was instrumental in helping pull off... >>> Lire la suite

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  • Cinémino for the Kids

    Published 29th Jan 2016 - Give the kids a treat with Cinémino, a film event especially for the little ones, from 31st January to 8th March.

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