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Présentez-vous au CIMFA 2013 : "Concours international de composition ? Musique de film d'animation" avant le 13 avril 2013. - Pierre Dompnier

  Compose the music for an animated film 

Take part in this year's CIMFA, "Concours international de composition ? Musique de film d'animation" (international competition for animation film music composition) before 13th April 2013.

Take part in the CIMFA 2013 by composing the original music (+ sound design) of one of the 8 short films made in 2013 by students from 4 French animation schools (Émile Cohl and ESIA 3D in Lyon, Supinfocom Arles and Lisaa Paris).

The compositions are to be created for 7 professional musicians from the Pays de Savoie orchestra (violin, viola, cello, double bass, oboe, horn and percussion).
The compositions written by the 10 finalists will be played live during a screening-concert performance at the Seynod Auditorium on 15th June 2013.

The competition is being launched by the professional Master's degree course MAAAV (Musiques appliquées aux arts visuels) at the University Lyon 2, in partnership with the Pays de Savoie orchestra and the Seynod Auditorium.

Competition open to all.

Sign up at the website, before 13th April 2013.