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China is Annecy’s Guest Country

This year, the Festival and Market have decided to pay tribute to Chinese animation through different events:

  • A major exhibition at the Château d’Annecy, musée lacs et montagnes, presenting work and installations by artists and filmmakers like Sun Xun, Haiyang Wang, Wu Chao and Weilun Xia, who are working at the frontiers of contemporary art and animation.
  • A retrospective programme of a dozen films screened at the Festival including Princess Iron Fan, as well as programmes of historical and contemporary short films, a retrospective on Sun Xun, Xu An and Xi Chen, and some of the best shorts from Chinese schools.
  • Chao Wu, jury member, currently teaching in Canton, she is also working in digital animation and video art.
  • A Chinese delegation set to attend the Mifa, led by the SARFT, with a pavilion space of over 150 m².

Festival Artistic Director, Marcel Jean adds that "China is a great country, almost a continent and its animation is rich and varied."

Find out more about Chinese animation in June.

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