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Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please

  1. Overview
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Lucky, an Indian taxi driver dreams of driving a better, cooler car, but it requires hard work and long hours. Will Lucky make it?

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Horn OK Please

    Directed by: Joel SIMON

    Country: United Kingdom

    Year of production: 2005

    Running time: 09 min

  • Technique


    Techniques used: clay

    Process: Colour

  • Credits

    Directed by: Joel SIMON

    Production: FLICKERPIX, Joel SIMON

    Distribution: FLICKERPIX, Joel SIMON

    Script: Scott Boldt

    Graphics: Vaibhav Kumaresh

    Storyboard: Dean Burke

    Layout: Robin McFarland

    Sets: Karma Palzor

    Animation: Joel Simon

    Camera: Joel Simon

    Compositing: Jasbeer Singh

    Music: Brian Irvine

    Sound: Ian Palmer