In accordance with the measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the on-site Annecy Festival 2020 edition is cancelled.
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TigoboANIMATION, from creation to training

  1. Overview
  2. Description

Presentation of projects being developed and the official launch of a new Masters in Production work/study course in Angouleme
(international meetings, master class and worshops).

In partnership with Wacom, a technical support company for studio projects, tigoboANIMATION invites you to discover its projects, its team of enthusiastic creatives, its philosophy and independent production techniques.

In the presence of the Wacom technical team and studio members:

  • Reno Armanet (Producer, Director),
  • Flavie Darchen (Studio Director, Director),
  • Nicolas Bernard (Graphic Designer, SFX Supervisor),
  • Pablo Navarro (Senior Animator),
  • Patrick Beaulieu (Visual Developer and Animator),
  • Giovanna Lopalco (Director),
  • Olivier Parnis (Script Doctor, Composer).