Work in progress 2011

  •  - 2011 Sony Pictures Animation/Aardman Animations

    Arthur Christmas

    It's a film with the ingredients of a Christmas classic: a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

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  •  - DR

    Eva de la Argentina

    Eva de la Argentina is a fiction movie about the life, work and stormy death of Eva Perón that mixes animation with documental material.

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  •  - Armazém de Imagens

    The Adventures of the Red Airplane

    A film about imagination, in which the protagonist goes on internal journeys around the world, overcoming fears and making new discoveries.  

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  •  - Les Armateurs/StudioCanal/Maybe Movies/La Parti Productions/Mélusine Productions/France 3 Cinéma

    Ernest & Celestine

    This is the story between Ernest, a big bear who wants to be an artist and Celestine, a little mouse who doesn't want to be a dentist.

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  •  - Mosaïque Films

    Approved for Adoption

    A mixture of animation and live-action footage, Approved for Adoption tells the story of an immigrant and his quest to reconcile himself with his origins.

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  •  - Finalement/Le Jour Des Corneilles

    Le Jour des corneilles

    Raised in the heart of the forest by his father the Ogre, Pumkin Jr knows nothing about the world of men. Until he discovers a village close by...

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  •  - Leiji Matsumoto / Space Pirate Captain Harlock Film Partners

    Space Pirate – Captain Harlock

    Captain Harlock is back to help humans going back home on Earth after the sect named Gaia has obliged them to live on other planets.

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  •  - EuropaCorp, Duran-Duboi, France 3 Cinéma

    The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

    Born on the coldest day in history with a frozen heart, Jack owes his salvation to a strange midwife who makes him a clock for a heart. He must never touch the switch, control his temper and above all, never ever fall in love! But...

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