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  • A única vez

    A única vez

    Directed by: Nuno AMORIM

    Country: Portugal

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  • Anna Blume

    Anna Blume

    Directed by: Vessela DANTCHEVA

    Country: Germany, Bulgaria

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  • Babioles


    Directed by: Matthieu AUVRAY (DIT MATRAY)

    Country: France

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  • Bisclavret


    Directed by: Emilie MERCIER

    Country: France

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  • Butterfly Dream

    Butterfly Dream

    Directed by: Woonha JANG

    Country: USA

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  • Cleo's Boogie

    Cleo's Boogie


    Country: Belgium

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  • Cul de bouteille

    Cul de bouteille

    Directed by: Jean-Claude ROZEC

    Country: France

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  • Daniel, une vie en bouteille

    Daniel, une vie en bouteille

    Directed by: Emmanuel BRIAND, Louis TARDIVIER, Antoine TARDIVIER

    Country: France

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  • Det siste Norske Trollet

    Det siste Norske Trollet

    Directed by: Pjotr SAPEGIN

    Country: Norway

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  • Dripped


    Directed by: Léo VERRIER

    Country: France

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  • En la opera

    En la opera

    Directed by: Juan Pablo ZARAMELLA

    Country: Argentina

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  • Erään hyönteisen tuho

    Erään hyönteisen tuho

    Directed by: Hannes VARTIAINEN, Pekka VEIKKOLAINEN

    Country: Finland

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  • Globuli


    Directed by: Stefan ELING

    Country: Germany

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  • How to Raise the Moon

    How to Raise the Moon

    Directed by: Anja STRUCK

    Country: Germany, Denmark

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  • L'Inventeur


    Directed by: Gary FOUCHY, Jérémy GUERRIERI, Paul JAULMES, Nicolas LEROY, Leslie MARTIN, Maud SERTOUR, Alexandre TOUFAILI

    Country: France

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  • La Femme à cordes

    La Femme à cordes

    Directed by: Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA

    Country: France, Belgium

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  • La Femme du lac

    La Femme du lac

    Directed by: Mathilde PHILIPPON-AGINSKI

    Country: France

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  • Lost in Space

    Lost in Space

    Directed by: Frodo KUIPERS

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Magic Piano

    Magic Piano

    Directed by: Martin CLAPP

    Country: Poland, Norway, China

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  • Mondo's Search for the Sun

    Mondo's Search for the Sun

    Directed by: Jana PRCHALOVA

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Mourir auprès de toi

    Mourir auprès de toi

    Directed by: Spike JONZE, Simon CAHN

    Country: France

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  • Muzorama


    Directed by: Elsa BREHIN, Raphaël CALAMOTE, Mauro CARRARO, Maxime CAZAUX, Émilien DAVAUD, Laurent MONNERON, Axel TILLEMENT

    Country: France

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  • Oh, Paris !

    Oh, Paris !

    Directed by: Oleksandr SHMYGUN

    Country: Ukraine

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  • Os olhos do farol

    Os olhos do farol

    Directed by: Pedro SERRAZINA

    Country: Portugal

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  • Posle...


    Directed by: Inga KORZHNEVA

    Country: Russia

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  • Sakana ni ni ta uta

    Sakana ni ni ta uta

    Directed by: Takeuchi TAIJIN

    Country: Japan

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  • Sergei Prokofiev

    Sergei Prokofiev

    Directed by: Julia TITOVA

    Country: Russia, Belarus

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  • Seven Nights

    Seven Nights

    Directed by: Farshad NEKOOMANESH

    Country: Iran

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  • Tempestade


    Directed by: Cesar CABRAL

    Country: Brazil

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  • The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy

    The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy

    Directed by: Aidan MCATEER, Aurélie GAUTHIER

    Country: Ireland

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  • The Holy Chicken of Life and Music

    The Holy Chicken of Life and Music


    Country: Greece

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  • The White Snake

    The White Snake

    Directed by: Ying-Fang SHEN

    Country: Taiwan

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  • Timing


    Directed by: Amir ADMONI

    Country: Brazil

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  • To My Daddy

    To My Daddy

    Directed by: Young-gyo SHIM

    Country: South Korea

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  • Vasco


    Directed by: Sébastien LAUDENBACH

    Country: France, Belgium

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