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Leiji Matsumoto, a Knight of Eternity

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Leiji Matsumoto is notably known for creating Captain Harlock, an intergalactic hero that has captured children's imagination for generations. He presents an exceptional meeting on passing from manga to animation.

Born in 1938, Leiji Matsumoto drew his first magnas at the age of 5.
He began his career in 1953 with his comic strip The Adventures of a Bee, that earned him the Best New Writer prize for a long narrative, in the first Manga Shônen awards ceremony.
His first success came in 1971 with Otoko oidon, soon followed in 1974 by Space Battleship Yamato, based on the Uchû senkan Yamato series, adapted for television and film, and later for the feature film Galaxy Express 999.
His works recount a journey of discovery - or how "a man can grow up" – that have space and science-fiction themes as a backdrop.
Reputed for his sci-fi tales, he similarly ventured into many other genres: comic strips about animals, war stories or shôjo manga, for young girls.
Executive Director of the JCA (Japan Cartoonists Association), Leiji Matsumoto heads up their copyright department and has a seat on the Takarazuka University of Fine Arts' council.
His work on the French group Daft Punk's music videos meanwhile, helped him reach a worldwide audience.
Extracts of his next feature Space Pirate – Captain Harlock (to be released in 2013) will be shown for almost the very first time around the world. Something that's sure to keep the fire burning for magna fans and release spectators' inner children. A relaxed look at the man whose pseudonym notably means "he who would like to continue having the innocent emotions of a newborn child".
Pierre Belletante, Toei Animation