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  2012 Meetings programme

Kristof Serrand, Dreamworks, Rencontres Carrefour 2012 -

DreamWorks Master Class – Acting in Animation

The class will focus on the acting of characters and the use of live action footage by animators, illustrated by sequences of films in production at DreamWorks: Guardians, Croods and Turbo. Kristof Serrand will also present a mix of 2D/3D techniques in anticipation of the Me and My Shadow project. There will be time left for a Q/A session at the end of the class.

Peter Lord, Wip Arthur Christmas - D. Bouchet/CITIA

Peter Lord: The Pirate Captain of Aardman

This Master Class gives a rare opportunity to listen to Aardman Animations Ltd. Co-Owner Peter Lord as he goes back over his years of co-habitation and work with David Sproxton up to the studios' latest release The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

 - Louise en hiver, Laguionie

Developing a feature film with Jean-François Laguionie

Jean-François Laguionie presents how he goes about developing a feature film from the script: the creation of characters, various studies, 1st animatics, etc. His story draws from his own films Le Tableau and Louise en hiver (currently in preparation).


Meeting of two previous winners of Creative Focus: Regina Pessoa and Franck Dion

Follow the journeys of 2 major talents in animation: Regina Pessoa and Franck Dion.

Both previous winners of Creative Focus (Regina for Tragic Story With Happy Ending and Franck with The Phantom Inventory and Mister Cok), have films Kali the Little Vampire and Edmond Was A Donkey in competition this year in Annecy.

Regina and Franck were both welcomed by the National Film Board of Canada for the post-production of their films. The producer of the NFB, Julie Roy will host this meeting between two directors she knows well.

Paperman - Disney

Paperman, the Art of Visual Developement

John Kahrs presents a revolutionary hand drawn and computer generated animation technique, using Paperman as illustration.

A single young man in mid-century New York chances upon a beautiful young woman. Will he see her again?

Mickael O'Neil, rencontre Carrefour Adobe 2012 -

Hollywood Magic with Adobe CS6 Production Premium

Be the first to learn the tips and hints for the latest versions of Adobe After Effects CS6, Photoshop CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, and Speedgrade CS6 for successful animation effects.

Adobe CS6 Production Premium


Presentation in English only

Sarah & Duck, Carrefour de la création, Rencontres 2012 -

2D Animation Master Class: Case Study of the CBeebies animated series Sarah & Duck

Take a look behind the scenes of producing a TV series using CBeebies' animated 2D series Sarah & Duck as a case study. The presentation will show how an efficient production pipeline allows the team to have a common vision which in turn enriches the creative process, from script to screen.

Aides à l'écriture, Rencontres Carrefour 2012 -

Writing Funding

Find out what funding for animation writing is available from the CNC and Association Beaumarchais/SACD.

Meeting co-organised with the AGrAF

 - Les Armateurs

Adapting Graphics for Animation Series

How does one adapt graphics when producing animation? What are the right questions to ask and how does one solve them?

What are the differences between adapting for 2D and 3D? What are the constraints? What are the right steps to follow? What rights does the original author have?

This meeting, co-organised with the AGrAF, uses case studies from animation series.


Composing for Animation

Illustrated by different examples of composition for animation, this discussion will address the relationship between music and images and the different stages of composition for a film but equally the relationship between composer and director.

Meet established composers along with students of composition for film. The opportunity to start some collaborations?


Discussion organised and led in collaboration with SACEM.


Presentation in French only

Speed dating, Rencontres Carrefour 2012 - G. Piel/CITIA

"Speed Dating" for Graphic and Literary Authors

Are you a screenwriter looking for a graphic artist to visualise your ideas? Or a graphic artist looking for a screenwriter to collaborate with on a project or develop a whole new world using your creations?

Meet up at "Speed Dating" for animation creative artists organised by AGrAF.

Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse - Photo: Eric Garault - www.ericgarault.com

Youth Publications for the Digital Era

Take part in this meeting, divided into the following three topics:

  • A look at an expanding publisher with a case study of Gallimard jeunesse apps.
  • The Book Fair and youth publications and youth publications and new digital talent: presentation of prizewinners in 2011.
  • The Mini Mice competition Ganuta projects: in 2012, the Book Fair and Youth Publications and Imaginove are presenting two competitions for digital talent. Presentation and commentary.