Work in Progress 2012

  • Hotel Transylvania - Wip 2012 - 2012 Sony Pictures Animation, Inc.

    Hotel Transylvania

    Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula's lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up without humans to bother them. That is, until one ordinary guy stumbles on the hotel!

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  • Foosball - 2012 Jempsa – Catmandu – 100 bares. All Rights Reserved.

    Foosball (Metegol)

    This story chronicles the adventures of Amadeo, a shy but skilful kid, and El Capi, a charismatic foosball captain. When their world is turned upside down, they will embark on a journey to win back their friends and their...

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  • Extraordinary Tales - Wip 2012 - Melusine Productions - 2012

    Extraordinary Tales

    Extraordinary Tales is an anthology of five animated tales based on classic Edgar Allan Poe stories presented in a feature film format. Poe is given one last chance to divert his destiny in a series of macabre adventures.

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  • My Mom Is in America, She Met Buffalo Bill / Ma maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill - Label Anim

    My Mom Is in America, She Met Buffalo Bill

    This year Jean, a six-year-old little boy, will go into first grade. The first day, he has to tell his teacher what his mother does for a living. He doesn't know the answer... his mummy is not here. Where, when, why, how, he has...

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  • Sarila - Wip 2012 - Canada Inc. Québec Inc.


    A voyage of initiation in which three young Inuits go in search of a promised land, hoping to save their clan from famine. It's also the story of a fight to the death between two shamans, the young Markussi and the aged Croolik.

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  • Aya de Yopougon - 2012 - Autochenille Production - TF1 Droits Audiovisuels

    Aya de Yopougon

    In a middle-class suburb of Abijan, Aya spends her days between school, family and her best friends, Adjona and Bintou in a little world that is full of ups and downs.

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  • Deep - 2012 Benthos Studio. All Rights Reserved


    Mankind has buried itself alive. The ice caps have melted, the surface is radiated, and much of the world is now covered in water. In order to survive, what's left of humanity lives completely submerged in huge underwater cities.

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