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  BackShort Films out of Competition

  • (notes on) Biology

    (notes on) Biology

    Directed by: Danny MADDEN

    Country: USA

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  • 5:46 am

    5:46 am

    Directed by: Olivier CAMPAGNE, Vivien BALZI

    Country: France

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  • Agnieszka


    Directed by: Izabela BARTOSIK BURKHARDT

    Country: France, Poland

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  • Bao


    Directed by: Sandra DESMAZIERES

    Country: France

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  • Chiruri


    Directed by: Kenji KAWASAKI

    Country: Japan

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  • Dell'ammazzare il maiale

    Dell'ammazzare il maiale

    Directed by: Simone MASSI

    Country: Italy

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  • Djuma


    Directed by: Michele BERNARDI

    Country: Italy

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  • Fire Waltz

    Fire Waltz

    Directed by: Marc MÉNAGER

    Country: France

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  • Flamingo Pride

    Flamingo Pride

    Directed by: Tomer ESHED

    Country: Germany

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  • Grain Coupon

    Grain Coupon

    Directed by: Xi CHEN, Xu AN

    Country: China

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  • Hisab


    Directed by: Ezra WUBE

    Country: Ethiopia

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  • Koncert Jubileuszowy

    Koncert Jubileuszowy

    Directed by: Aleksandra KOREJWO

    Country: Poland

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  • L'Histoire du petit Paolo

    L'Histoire du petit Paolo

    Directed by: Nicolas LIGUORI

    Country: Belgium, France

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  • La Douce

    La Douce

    Directed by: Anne LARRICQ DIT LÉRIDE

    Country: France

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  • Lay Bare

    Lay Bare

    Directed by: Paul BUSH

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Masouleh


    Directed by: Gholamreza AZIMI

    Country: Iran

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  • Mateso


    Directed by: COLLECTIF CAMERA-ETC, Louise-Marie COLON, Delphine HERMANS, Simon MEDARD, Dominique VAN HECKE, Siona VIDAKOVIC

    Country: Belgium

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  • Nu ken je het toch al

    Nu ken je het toch al

    Directed by: Bastiaan SCHRAVENDEEL

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Nurek


    Directed by: Agata GORZADEK

    Country: Poland

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  • Oedipus


    Directed by: Paul DRIESSEN

    Country: Canada, Netherlands

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  • Prita noire

    Prita noire

    Directed by: Sofia CARRILLO

    Country: Mexico

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  • Rapsodeus


    Directed by: Bruno BOZZETTO

    Country: Italy

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  • Rew Day

    Rew Day

    Directed by: Svilen DIMITROV

    Country: Bulgaria

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  • Romance


    Directed by: Georges SCHWIZGEBEL

    Country: Canada, Switzerland

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  • Rondo


    Directed by: Artur KORDAS

    Country: Poland

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  • Sem Querer

    Sem Querer

    Directed by: João FAZENDA

    Country: Portugal

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  • Silenziosa-mente


    Directed by: Alessia TRAVAGLINI

    Country: Italy

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  • Somnium


    Directed by: Noah WOHL, Nima EHTEMAM

    Country: Canada

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  • The Animation Tag Attack

    The Animation Tag Attack

    Directed by: Christen BACH, Mads JUUL, Andreas NORMAND GRÐNTVED, Ned WENLOCK, Oren MASHKOVSKI, Maxwell. A. OGINNI, Ewen STENHOUSE, Scott BENSON, Wolfgang REIMERS, Mikey PLEASE, Brendan CARROLL, Francesco GIROLDINI

    Country: Germany, Denmark, USA, United Kingdom, Israel

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  • The Back Room

    The Back Room

    Directed by: Mirjam BAKER, Michael KREN

    Country: Austria

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  • The Devil's Due

    The Devil's Due

    Directed by: Alexander GORELICK

    Country: Canada

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  • The Hungry Boy

    The Hungry Boy

    Directed by: Cem KURTULUS, Jake NELSON

    Country: USA, Turkey

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  • The Maker

    The Maker

    Directed by: Christopher KEZELOS

    Country: Australia, USA, United Kingdom

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  • The Pub

    The Pub

    Directed by: Joseph PIERCE

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Timber


    Directed by: Adam FISHER

    Country: USA

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  • Une seconde par jour

    Une seconde par jour

    Directed by: Richard NEGRE

    Country: France

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  • Ursus


    Directed by: Reinis PETERSONS

    Country: Latvia

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  • Vne igry

    Vne igry

    Directed by: Ivan MAXIMOV

    Country: Russia

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