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Sendokai Champions, Mifa screenings 2012

Sendokai Champions and Laland

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Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest, a company specialised in brand management, distribution, and licensing of entertainment properties, presents their two new series:

Sendokai Champions: an action-packed comedy that illustrates a quest to save the world.
Laland: an original musical comedy.




Read the Synopsis of Sendokai Champions

Every 10,000 years, several dimensions of the universe come together and many planets enter into the Zorn dimension. Their leader, Marshall Zorn, commands all the inhabitants to fight in the Grand Tournament. The winner will attain the freedom of his/her people.

Read the Synopsis of Laland

Laland is one of the planets in the Lalaxy inhabited by the Sulfis, who are blessed with an incredible power. By combining the sounds that they make, they create original music which produces marvellous fruit which they then distribute to the rest of the planet. However, evil Korman and his black insects seek to control this.