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Little Princess

Case Study: Illuminated Film Company, Little Princess

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Developing a Feature Film from a successful TV series  with CelAction2D and Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

Iain Harvey, producer of the Little Princess feature, will explain the process of creating a 90-minute feature from a successful 10-minute-episode TV series. From the story to the characters or the visual and sound effects, all the elements have to be familiar for the public yet increased in scope and quality to fit the big screen.

Andy Blazdell will break down several of the techniques used on the film to show how the richness and depth of the imagery can improved by using CelAction software so that the speed of animation remains high, while keeping the budget reasonable.

Michael O'Neill from Adobe will share some tips and tricks for working with Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop & After Effects as well as the Adobe Media Encoder with native export to DNXHD, ProRes and the different formats for HD television and 2K & 4K cinema release.


  • Iain HARVEY
    Iain HARVEY

    MD & Co-founder

    United Kingdom


    MD & Co-founder

    United Kingdom


  • Michael O'NEILL
    Michael O'NEILL

    Senior Business development Manager