2013 Special Programmes

  • Lev a pisnicka - Bretislav Pojar - Kratky Film

    The Big Sleep

    1. The Lion and the Song, Bretislav Pojar 2. Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit, Bob Godfrey 3. The Island, Fedor Savelievitch Khitrouk 4. I Move, so I Am, Gerrit Van Dijk 5. Nursery Crimes: Tom Thumb, Dave Borthwick 6. The Window, Csaba...

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  • Fallen_Art - Platige Image

    Poland: Grotesques

    The grotesque and its baroque and bizarre world are given a central place in Polish animation.

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  • Sagan om den lille dockpojken - Johannes Nyholm

    Funny Films: Programme 3

    What makes you laugh? A question that only you can answer and that only you can... vote!

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  • Cochemare - PHI FILMS

    Animation Off-Limits: The Life of Puppets

    From Starewitch to Trnka and Pojar, puppet animation has gained the distinction it deserves. However, the six films making up this programme are shaking up the traditional notion of puppet animation. While they indeed fall within...

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  • Bob's Birthday - Snowden Fine Productions

    Funny Films: Programme 1

    What makes you laugh? A question that only you can answer and that only you can... vote!

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  • Ognisty Ptak - Andrezej Gosleniecki

    Poland: Esthetes and Music Lovers

    There are two trends central to Polish animation, enriched by their close connection with music and technique.

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  • Making of Epic - Annecy 2013 - 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


    An unsuspected battle is raging around us. Young Mary-Kate finds herself plunged as if by magic into this hidden world, and must join forces with an unlikely group of unusual funny characters to try and save their world... and...

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  • Kon - Studio Miniatur Filmowych

    Poland: Mystiques

    Good and evil, life, afterlife, death... and, more than anything, the mysticism and fatalism of the Polish soul are expressed throughout the films presented in this selection.

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  • Equestrian - Michiel van Bakel

    Animation Off-Limits: Devices

    With their craftiness, these films break away from the codes of traditional animation families to create their own unusual, quirky and funny genre.

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  • Nullarbor - The Lampshade Collective P/L

    Funny Films: Programme 4

    What makes you laugh? A question that only you can answer and that only you can... vote!

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    Animation Off-Limits: Photo Synthesis

    When animation uses photography and live action to present its view of the world.

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  • The Wrong Trousers - Nick Park - Aardman Animations

    Funny Films: Programme 2

    What makes you laugh? A question that only you can answer and that only you can... vote!

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  • Fuga_na_wiolonczele_trabke_i_pejzaz_Fugue_for_cello_trumpet_and_landscape - Jerzy Kucia Film Production, Film Polsky - Film Agency

    Poland: Jerzy Kucia

    As evocative, lyrical and poetic films, Jerzy Kucia's work has to be deserved and savoured.

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  • George The Hedgehog - Paisa Films, Film Produkcja, Warsaw Film School

    Poland: George the Hedgehog

    Trash, crude and funny: these are the adventures of George, the hedonistic hedgehog.

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  • Robert Morgan - The Separation - ANIMUS FILMS LTD

    Robert Morgan Retrospective

    ROBERT YEAH! Robert Morgan's bloody world

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  • Un beau matin - AVÉDIKIAN Serge - LA FABRIQUE SARL


    A timeless theme spanning the entire history of animation, resistance remains entirely pertinent today, as globalisation and mass culture is promoting the standardisation of ideas.

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  •  - Canal J

    Canal J, les Espoirs de l'animation

    "My best mate is a vampire". Discover the winner of the CANAL J Espoirs de l'animation competition. Students from French animation schools had to respond to this commission work. CANAL J received 33 new shorts created by 93...

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    Animation Off-Limits: Optic Nerves

    The 12 films presented offer a meeting with some of the major names in experimental cinema and their psychedelic worlds.

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  • Allegro non troppo et remise du prix Asifa à Bruno Bozetto - Bruno Bozzetto Film

    Allegro non troppo and the Asifa prize awarded to Bruno Bozzetto

    Allegro non troppo was produced in 1976 and is a masterpiece in the history of animation. At the end of the screening, Bruno Bozzetto will be rewarded by the Asifa Prize.

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  •  -

    The Nature of Frédéric Back

    In The nature of Frédéric Back, the Canadian documentary maker Phil Comeau follows the journey of the director of The Man Who Planted Trees through the key places that shaped his life and artistic evolution,...

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  • Le Roi et l'Oiseau / The King and the Mockingbird - Paul Grimault - Les films Paul Grimault, Les films Gibé, France 2

    The King and the Mockingbird

    Now here's a great opportunity to discover a moment of pure joy with The King And The Mockingbird, in a world where love reigns supreme over power and shepherdesses are sensible and daring enough to prefer chimney sweeps to...

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  • For the Birds -

    Choosing the Funniest Film

    2013: election of the funniest film! Every evening, from Monday to Thursday, vote for the 3 funniest films in the programme of the 8:30 pm screening (salle 2, Décavision). The films selected by this vote will be screened on...

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