Asterix : the Land of the Gods

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Natalie Altmann will talk about how the project got started and explain the film's release strategy. Directors Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier will introduce the various steps of the production process, discussing the film's creation and the transition from comic book to 3D animation. Both movie directors will analyse each step leading up to the final frame: from storyboard to animation, from voice recording and VFX to final rendering. The presentation will be highlighted by graphic research elements, animation line tests and previously unseen sequences.

Adaptation: Le Domaine des dieux, René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

Nationality: France

Release Date: 2014

Running time: 1 h 20 mn

Genre: adventure, humor

Audience: childs, teenagers, young adults, adults

Development stage: production

Synopsis : Caesar builds a new Rome – the Land of the Gods – around Asterix’s village, pressuring the Gauls to assimilate or vanish. Despite Asterix and Obelix’s plans to stop it, the Roman civilisation brings chaos to the village.