Little from the Fish Shop

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Miracle Film presents Little from the Fish Shop: chain of title, core story, synopsis, general information, crew/director, characters, narrator, music, creation of the two worlds in the film, production, worksplit - workflow, scheduling, co-production structure, financing, transmedia project.

Adaptation: "The Little Mermaid", Hans Christian Andersen

Nationality: Czech Republic, Slovakia, France

Release Date: 2014

Running time: 1 h 15 mn

Genre: Drama

Audience: teenagers, young adults, adults

Development Stage: production

Looking for: broadcasters, distributors

Synopsis : This is the story of Little, the Sea King's daughter. Forced to leave the deep waters of their home, the family ventures to live with humans. One day, Little meets J.J. – the perfect stranger. This is where the plot thickens.


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