Stop-motion: Inhabited Worlds

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Where we delve into the many and sometimes shocking worlds of stop-motion animation.

Choose ten films produced over the past twenty years that illustrate the diversity of styles, subjects and aesthetic approaches to stop-motion animation... This was the original idea behind this programme full of surprises. We will cross paths with two little girls on holiday, covered in mud and confronted with the looming divorce of their parents (Looking for Horses), a taxi driver sentenced to death for getting dragged into the murderous rampage of a psychopathic singer (Taxi de nuit), an old man willing to do anything to save his cabbage from his wife's violent cooking (Stanley)... Even the incredibly disturbing Robert Mitchum (Calypso Is Like So) fits in with this strange crowd of characters.

While Allison Schulnik (Mound) and Martha Colburn (Metamorfoza) take us to the limits of the narrative, Catherine Buffat and Jean-Luc Gréco exacerbate a moment in daily life up to the point where it becomes tragic (Keeping Mum), Anthony Hodgson (Hilary) brilliantly distorts a children's tale by giving it a storyline that wavers between the absurd and triviality, and Blake Douglas Young (Everything Tickety-Boo) refers as much to fairy tales as he does to ghost stories, echoing Franck Dion (The Phantom Inventory) who examines the nooks and crannies of the memory.


  • Looking for Horses

    Looking for Horses

    Australia - Anthony LAWRENCE

  • Hilary


    United Kingdom - Anthony HODGSON

  • La Bouche cousue

    La Bouche cousue

    France - Jean-Luc GRÉCO, Catherine BUFFAT

  • Mound


    USA - Allison SCHULNIK

  • Metamorfoza


    Netherlands - Martha COLBURN

  • L'Inventaire fantôme

    L'Inventaire fantôme

    France - Franck DION

  • Everything Tickety-Boo

    Everything Tickety-Boo

    USA - Blake Douglas YOUNG

  • Stanley

    United Kingdom - Suzie TEMPLETON

  • Calypso Is Like So

    Calypso Is Like So

    France - Bruno COLLET

  • Taxi de nuit

    Taxi de nuit

    France - Marco CASTILLA