Work in Progress

  • Dofus, the Return of Julith<br>
Wip - Annecy 2014 - 2014 ANKAMA ANIMATIONS

    DOFUS Book 1 – Julith

    From the first ideas to the first drawings, from the screenplay and its conception to the ongoing production, you’ll discover the creation process of the first feature film made by Ankama. We will explain how the entire...

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  • Le Film des Schtroumpfs / The Smurfs Movie<br>
WIP - Annecy 2014 - © 2014 Sony Pictures Animation. All rights reserved.

    The Smurfs Movie

    Sony Pictures Animation presents an all new approach to its Smurfs franchise, which will not be a sequel of the two live-action/CG movies. This fully computer-animated feature will instead be closer to Peyo's original Smurfs...

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  • Sarusuberi <br>
Wip - Annecy 2014 - 2014 Hinako Sugiura MS.HS / Sarusuberi Film Partners

    Miss Hokusai

    A world premiere presentation of the forthcoming directorial effort of Keiichi Hara, based on the graphic novel by Hinako Sugiura. Hara, whose previous feature film, "Colorful", received the Jury's Special Distinction and the...

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  • Adama<br>
Wip - Annecy 2014 - Naïa 2013


    We'll go through the production story, from the original idea to where we stand now: writing, graphic creation, development phase and digital production. We'll show how we made choices, based on a mix of original creative...

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  • Little from the Fish Shop - Miracle Film 2

    Little from the Fish Shop

    Miracle Film presents Little from the Fish Shop: chain of title, core story, synopsis, general information, crew/director, characters, narrator, music, creation of the two worlds in the film, production, worksplit - workflow,...

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  • Tout en haut du monde > Longway North<br>

    Longway North

    The presentation will give an overview of the production and will display the WIP of the feature film "Longway North", currently in the animation phase. The speakers, Ron Dyens, Henri Magalon (producers), Claus Toksvig Kjaer...

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  • Phantom Boy<br>
WIP - Annecy 2014 - © Folimage – Lunanime – France 3 Cinéma – Rhône-Alpes Cinéma

    Phantom Boy

    Alain Gagnol (writer and codirector with Jean-Loup Felicioli), Izù Troin (compositing and special effects) and Xavier Cruz (animator) will take you behind the scenes of Phantom Boy: the script and creation of the characters, the...

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  • Astérix<br>
Wip - Annecy 2014 -

    Asterix : the Land of the Gods

    Natalie Altmann will talk about how the project got started and explain the film's release strategy. Directors Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier will introduce the various steps of the production process, discussing the film's...

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