Las vidas ejemplares

Guest Country: Spain – Modern Times

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Spanish animation takes pride of place with the From Doodles to Pixels project that looks back at more than 100 years of evolution. The Modern Times programme sheds light on how Spain's animation industry took off at the end of the 1950s.

After 20 years of autonomy, an economic miracle took place in Spain when consumerism sky rocketed and animation found its role in the flourishing advertising industry.

The Moro studios became the top advertising production company in Spain during the 1950s. Discover some of their works during this programme along with other more modern ads.

From Doodles to Pixels, curated by Carolina López, is a coproduction of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona CCCB and Acción Cultural Española AC/E.
With the support of Filmoteca de Catalunya, Filmoteca Española, Movierecord, Tres60BCN and Lobster Films.


  • Sinfonia escarlata - Tomate Corchero

    Spain - Francisco MACIÁN

  • Vamos a la cama

    Spain - José Luis MORO

  • El sombrero

    Spain - Bob BALSER

  • La doncella guerrera

    Spain - Bob BALSER, Julio TALTAVULL

  • William Wilson

    Spain - Jorge DAYAS

  • La gallina ciega

    Spain - Isabel HERGUERA

  • Las vidas ejemplares

    Spain - Carles PORTA

  • El viaje de Maria

    Spain - Miguel A. GALLARDO

  • Vía tango

    Spain - Adriana NAVARRO

  • Onemoretime

    Spain - Elisa MARTINEZ, Tonet GALABUIG, José GONZÁLEZ