Vice-Versa / Inside Out

Les Toiles Enchantées

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Back to Annecy for Les Toiles Enchantées, coming to dazzle as many kids as possible.

The association travels around to present films to sick or handicapped children in order to encourage discussions about art and culture.

For several years now, they have been making the children of Annecy smile during the Festival. This year, they will be back in four establishments in the area, with a screening of Inside Out.

You can also discover their endeavours through a photo exhibition by Cécile Burban who has captured the association in action.

  • Tuesday 16th June, 5 pm: Mune
    Institut Guillaume Belluard (Cran Gevrier -74)
  • Wednesday 17th June, 3 pm: Inside Out
    CHU d’Annecy (74)
  • Thursday 18th juin, 1:30 pm: Inside Out
    IMpro Henri Wallon (Annecy le Vieux-74)
  • Friday 19th June, 2:30 pm: Inside Out
    APEI l’Epanou (Seynod-74)