Fantasy Patrol "Everybody Dance Now"

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In the mystical town of Fableton, magical heroes go on unusual adventures and discover thrilling wonders.

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Fantasy Patrol "Everybody Dance Now"

    Directed by: Mubinov NAIL

    Nail Mubinov started his animation career in 2003 with ALT Studio, where he spent 8 years working as a director, animator and creative director. His professional experience also includes Tema Studio (2010-2012), where he directed the series "Tolerance", and the TV channel 2x2 (2012). Nail joined the Parovoz animation studio in 2015 to direct the series "Be-be-bears".

    Country: Russia

    Year of production: 2016

    Running time: 11 min 27 s × 13 episodes

  • Technique

    Category: TV serie

    Techniques used: 3D Computer

    Process: Colour

    Target public: Kids

  • Credits

    Directed by: Mubinov NAIL

    Production: Parovoz animation studio, Dmitriy MEDNIKOV, Tatiana TSYVAREVA, Evgeniy GOLOVIN, Anton SMETANKIN, Aleksandr SABLUKOV, Natalia BELYANINA, JOINT STOCK COMPANY DIGITAL TELEVISION RUSSIA

    Distribution: SIGNAL MEDIA

    Artistic direction: Tatyana Petrovskaya, Andrey Osadchikh

    Script: Maria Parfenova, Evgeny Golovin

    Animation: Anastasia Chernova, Andrey Shishkin, Tatyana Goncharova, Maria Filonets, Natalia Kulikova, Alexandr Ruklinskii, Sergey Kulov

    Compositing: Maksim Nabokov

    Music: Sergey Bogolyubsky, Darya Stavrovich

    Sound: Innokenty Sedov, Mikhail Schukin

    Editing: Maksim Maksimov