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Conceived as an intimate networking opportunity, Meet the Funds is a private event for all project leaders selected for the Mifa Pitches and regional, national and international funding organisations.

This meeting gives representatives from funding organisations the chance to showcase their various subsidies for writing, development or production of an animation film; to identify specific formats that are supported; or even to point out which studios are notable for co-production on their territory.

After a short presentation from the organisations, the project leaders will be invited to chat with them about their projects and get information about financing and development opportunities that they may be eligible for.

Project leaders selected for the Mifa Pitch sessions in all categories are invited to this private event taking place as an introduction to the Mifa Pitches 2017.

If you are a regional, national or international fuding organisation and wish to take part, please contact Géraldine Baché.

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  • Christophe ERBES
    Christophe ERBES

    Writer and Consultant