WTF2018 (Midnight Specials)

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"WTF2018" returns with its new programme that is even more unusual and provocative!

For the second year, the Midnight Specials form a part of the Annecy Festival's special programmes! These night-time screenings exclusively for a mature audience present the dark, spicy, disturbed, extravagant, sexy and over-the-top!

Do you like things that are dark, extremely sarcastic, fun, controversial, politically incorrect, old school, embarrassing, barbed, gory, and bloody? Once again this year, WTF2018 will lead you on a winding path through the most madcap short films with a selection of 21 films that will make you unable to move from your seat.

Have you heard of the expression "not for the faint-hearted"? The madness of WTF2018 pushes the limits of animation again for your utmost enjoyment!



  • Just Passing with Dr. Zussman

    Israel - Yannay MATARASSO, Anat EFRATI

  • Kosmiczne Trio

    Poland - Katarzyna MIECHOWICZ

  • Moonday

    Netherlands - Rianne STREMMELAAR

  • Space Butthole

    USA - David CHAI

  • Face Value

    USA - John MORENA

  • Le Bien Chasser "L'Histoire sans freins"

    France - Boris BELGHITI, Maxime PACCALET, Pierre RAZETTO, Dimitri COHEN-TANUGI

  • More

    Canada - Ben MEINHARDT

  • Coyote

    Switzerland - Lorenz WUNDERLE

  • SeepeopleS "New American Dream"

    USA - Pete LIST

  • Evolution

    France, Cuba - Rafael TRIANA

  • Monsieur Flap "Le travail"

    France - Brice CHEVILLARD, Nicolas ATHANÉ

  • Love, Dating & Relationships "Having Sex on the First Date"

    Netherlands - Joost LIEUWMA

  • Oh & Yeah

    China - Wen Yu LI

  • The Joys of Fatherhood

    Israel - Or KAN TOR

  • Chai

    Georgia - Peter TOMADZE

  • Love, Dating & Relationships "Whack-A-Mole"

    Netherlands - Joost LIEUWMA

  • Elvis & Dimmi

    Australia - Ivan DIXON, Paul ROBERTSON

  • Sweet Family

    South Korea - Tae-i KWON

  • Ghost in the Boobs

    United Kingdom - Tommy ROBIN

  • Little Donnie (The Ten Inch Terror)

    USA - Chel WHITE

  • MoE "Paris"

    Austria - Billy ROISZ