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The "New" Territories of International Animation

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While the USA, Japan or Europe have had thriving film industries and animation series for decades, producers and directors from emerging countries in this sector are managing to launch projects that have achieved resounding success nationally and internationally.

Directors and producers coming from Russia, South America and South Africa reveal how they came up with film projects tailored to achieve success and recognition both in their local market and on the international scene.


  • Anthony SILVERSTON
    Anthony SILVERSTON

    Head of Development
    Triggerfish Animation Studios

  • Vladimir NIKOLAEV
    Vladimir NIKOLAEV

    Wizart Animation

  • Gustavo STEINBERG
    Gustavo STEINBERG

    Bits Filmes

  • Celia CATUNDA
    Celia CATUNDA

    Creative Director
    TV PinGuim

  • Patricio ESCALA
    Patricio ESCALA

    Executive Producer
    Punkrobot Studio