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How Do You Create Youth Property that Lends Itself to Diversification?

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Among the large number of films and series produced, very few have been able to reach a significant threshold when it comes to diversification, all sectors considered (merchandising, digital, publishing...). Is there a recipe to achieve such a goal?

The creators, producers or distributors of several "star" programmes (such as Peppa Pig, Pyjamasks, Masha and the Bear, and Molang), which were not originally based on a pre-existing brand, reveal their "secret" strategies for managing to create added value to a show, going beyond the sheer "screen value".


  • Marie-Caroline VILLAND
    Marie-Caroline VILLAND


  • Stanislas RENAUDEAU D'ARC
    Stanislas RENAUDEAU D'ARC

    Line Producer & Head of Studio

  • Monica CANDIANI
    Monica CANDIANI

    Executive Vice President, Content Sales
    Entertainment One, Family & Brands

  • Bruno ZARKA
    Bruno ZARKA

    Media Director
    INK Group