1. Overview
  2. Description

Explore language with the exhibition Punchlines!, in the Art By Friends gallery.

How can we define the Punchlines! exhibition? It is collective, international, communal, it crosses 5 continents, is accessible, multilingual, progressive, reaching to the future and unites more than 100 artists!

The project, which is produced by Camille Regnaudin and Adrien Fumex (artistic explorers since 2008), revolves around artists mastering the art of lettering and features a variety of powerful expressions. The collection of works is intended to unfold using other types of artistic expression such as, art installations, digital art, writing and performance art.

Artists such as Rylsee, Brokovich, Mlle Trite, Mirabolle, Earth Crusher, Karim Jabbari and more, are participating in the project.

The exhibition, in partnership with MNSTR Agency, has the peculiarity of being in augmented reality. You can download a specific application to make the artists’ works come to life, which enables you to navigate between paper and screen, stills and animation.

A preview viewing will be held Thursday 14th June from 6 pm to 11 pm at the Galerie Art By Friends.