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The Boy and the World, Guida

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Come and follow the lyrical quest of a young boy in a fantasy world that is dominated by animal-machines and strange beings.

As Brazilian animation is being honoured at the 2018 Festival, discover, or rediscover, this wonderful feature film from the Brazilian director Alê Abreu (2013). Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2016, he received the Audience Award and the Cristal for a Feature Film at Annecy 2014.

The film takes place on a planet not unlike Earth. A young boy, whose father left to work in an unknown place, decides to leave his village to find him. Travelling through plantations to factories, from the megalopolis to shantytowns, he discovers at the end of his voyage both a magical and hostile world, populated by curious and endearing beings. Walking in his father’s steps, is the boy actually in search of himself?

A Brazilian fable, with a style inspired by children’s drawings, that combine fiction and reality, poetry and commitment, illustrating the problems of the modern world.

A visual and musical symphony that is intended for children and adults alike!


Allow yourself to be charmed by this delicate short film about accepting oneself.

The Brazilian short film Guida, by Rosana Urbes, which won the "Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a First Film and the Fipresci Award – Special Award in 2015 will be shown to you, as an introduction to the film The Boy and the World.

The film transports us into the life of a woman who has been working as the town's courthouse archivist for 30 years. Her routine will change when she sees a small advertisement for a life drawing art class held in a cultural centre. Thanks to the creative sensitivity of the main character, the short film proposes a reflection on the process of recovering one's artistic inspiration, art as an agent for change, and the concept of beauty.

A story that will enchant you with its soft and poetic nature!