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My Neighbor Totoro

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Discover, or re-discover, the cult film "My Neighbor Totoro", its fantasy world and wonderful creatures!

What could be better than an open-air screening to celebrate 30-years since the release of this famous Japanese animated film, My Neighbor Totoro, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by the Ghibli Studio!

This prize winning film tells the story of Satsuki and Mei, two young girls who, along with their father, have gone to live in an old house in the middle of the rice fields to be closer to where their mother is convalescing in the country. Quickly getting to know their new environment they meet Totoros; marvelous, magical forest creatures and spirits that only show themselves to pure hearted beings. Taking the form of a large cat-owl, or a catbus, the Totoros take the two girls under their wings, cheering them up during the absence of their mother and the suffering that ensues.

A wonderful, family-friendly invitation to enter into a dreamland!