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The Incredibles

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Dive back into the world of our favourite family of superheroes before the official release of The Incredibles 2!    

Summer 2018 arrives at the same time of the release of the new Pixar film: The Incredibles 2. For this occasion, the film's director Brad Bird will present it in person in a French exclusive at the Annecy Festival. An Honorary Cristal will also be awarded to celebrate the entirety of his career. In keeping with this excitement, rediscover The Incredibles in an open air screening.

The victim of a miscarriage of justice, just like all of the other "famous superheroes" around the world, Bob Parr, formerly known as Mr. Incredible, was obliged to put away his superhero costume 15 years ago. He became an expert in insurance and the only danger he now has to confront is boredom. He and his wife Helen, the former Elastigirl, have fallen back into line and are trying to lead a normal life with their three childrens. Dreaming of a return to action, Bob jumps at the chance when he is summoned to a faraway island for a top-secret mission. He will discover that behind this attractive proposition lies an evil genius eager for revenge and destruction.

Our superhero family arrives at the Pâquier for everyone's enjoyment!