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White Fang

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Go to the Canadian Far North and follow the story of the most famous wolf-dog of all time!

This year, Alexandre Espigares unveils his new animated film. Adapted from the cult novel by Jack London, it was presented at a Work in Progress session at the 2016 Annecy Festival and received the Gan Foundation Award on that occasion.

The film tells the story of a wolf-dog born in the wild and confronted by the human world. After having grown up in the snowy and hostile expanses of the Far North, he is taken in by Grey Beaver and his Native American tribe. But the nastiness of the men obliges Grey Beaver to give the animal to a cruel and unkind man who wants to turn White Fang into a fighting animal. White Fang is saved from the inhumane treatment of this cruel man by a fair and kind couple, and he will learn how to control his wild instinct and become their friend.

Discover or rediscover the incredible life of White Fang in a magical moment to share on the Pâquier!

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