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Discover the adventures of Ferdinand, the big-hearted and peaceful fighting bull.

Produced by Blue Sky, Ferdinand is an adaptation of a children's book, The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf, which was first brought to the screen in 1938 by Walt Disney. The screening of this film by the Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha reflects the tributes to Brazilian Animation at the 2018 Festival.

The film features Ferdinand, a big-hearted bull who is a victim of his imposing appearance. More inclined to appreciate the smell of flowers than flex his muscles, he is inadvertently captured and taken away from his home village. Determined to be reunited to his family and roots, he embarks on an incredible adventure across Spain and is accompanied by an unexpected gang of friends!

Allow yourself to be captivated by this feel-good animated film livened up with elements of bravery during this open-air screening at the heart of the Château d’Annecy!