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Concert film "En sortant de l’école"

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Rediscover the classics of French poetry by Prévert, Desnos and Apollinaire, orchestrated by four musicians using many instruments.

This concert film is a tribute to the poetry of Prévert, Desnos and Apollinaire and linked to the theme of 2018: Music and Animated Movies. It brings together 16 film poems from the "En sortant de l'École" collection produced by Tant Mieux Prod and France Télévisions.

The music and texts are interpreted or sang live by musicians and narrators. Short interludes show the directors at work, evoke the context of film production, and give a voice to Jacques Prévert. Due to the versatility of the four musicians (with a piano, guitar, accordion, melodica, synthesisers, ukelele, clarinet, drums, among others), the performance offers a voyage into the mainstream poetry of Prévert, the comical surrealism of Desnos, and Apollinaire's memories of war, all in starkly contrasting tones and colours.

Discover this rhythmic concert film which will transport you into the world of French poetry together as a family!