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Bonjour Paris

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Discover a poetic Paris where monuments are brought to life!

The second feature film by Jean Image, Bonjour Paris is an animated film paying tribute to his adopted city with a preface by Jean Cocteau. Released in 1953, this poetic film presents stunning views of historic monuments, where the gargoyles of Notre-Dame talk and the zebra crossings on the roads dance. The film has been digitalised by the CNC for the occasion and echoes the theme of music honoured at the 2018 Annecy Festival.

In Paris, while two pigeons are very much in love, M. La Tour (the Eiffel Tower) also wants to attract the attention of a beautiful pigeon, but his large size bothers him, he makes a number of gaffes, and the capital city gives him the cold shoulder. However, when the Tower disappears one day, Parisians worry and start a search. People even consider building another monument...

Travel together with your family to an imagined part of the capital city, where jokes and romantic scenes join together in a welcoming setting with an immaculate aesthetic.