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The Jungle Bunch

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Maurice the penguin-tiger and his friends arrive for an open-air screening at the parc des Vignières Pommaries.

You liked them in the series, and now you can discover them in the film!

The world-renowned French series The Jungle Bunch, broadcast in more than 180 countries and translated into 40 languages, has been adapted from the small screen to the big screen under the direction of David Alaux, a director of short films and animated advertisements.

Presented in a screening event last year, the film immerses us in the colourful and animated world of the jungle. Despite having the appearance of a penguin, there is a tiger within Maurice. After being raised by a tigress, this penguin, far from being clumsy, became a kung-fu champion. With his friends, each one more unusual than the last, Maurice now intends to bring back law and justice to the jungle, just like his mother did before him. But the fiendish koala Igor, surrounded by his team of not particularly clever mercenary baboons, aims to destroy the jungle.

One thing for sure is that this team of crimefighters promises you a crazy evening!