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Titmouse Presents... (Midnight Specials)

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Prepare to send a surprising evening in the company of the Titmouse Studios!

For the second year, the Midnight Specials are a part of the Annecy Festival special programmes! Exclusively for a more mature audience, these night-time screenings present the dark, spicy, off-the-wall, extravagant, sexy and crazy!

Titmouse invites you to attend an incredible screening dedicated to the most absurd animated films! Renowned for employing indisputedly talented artists, the animated production company has breathed life into a number of successful series, including Big Mouth, Metalocalypse, Black Dynamite, Superjail!, The Venture Bros., China, IL, Son of Zorn and many others. Here in Annecy, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the best short films directly released in their spirit during the last 10 years.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be surprised by the films presented to you!