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Tomoyasu Murata Programme

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Allow yourself to be guided by the gestures and expressions of Tomoyasu Murata's puppets, who will reveal the indescribable to you!

Tomoyasu Murata started his work by producing puppet animation after being inspired by traditional Japanese theatre, known as "Bunraku". Since then, he has used this method of animation in an expressive way in order for the audience to experience his work with their eyes, ears, through the medium of touch and in the air around them. He has always tried his hardest to express the idea of "mujo", or impermanence, the beautiful concept based on evolution and change.

In the different series of films that he has directed, he has taken the viewer to the heart of his work by using the theme of absence in Road, the daily life of a changing neighbourhood in Family Deck, the evocation of memories on life and death in Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom, Ametsuchi and A Branch of a Pine Is Tied Up, all of which contain the spirit of the idea of "mujo".

This lovely screening tinged with warmness and finesse awaits you!



  • Nostalgia

    Japan - Tomoyasu MURATA

  • Aka-no Michi

    Japan - Tomoyasu MURATA

  • Family Deck vol. 1

    Japan - Tomoyasu MURATA

  • Konohananosakuyamori

    Japan - Tomoyasu MURATA

  • Matsu ga e wo musubi

    Japan - Tomoyasu MURATA