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Tribal Percussion's Musical Meanders

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Join the dance and shake to the sound of the batacuda in the streets of Annecy!

Make a note that the Tribal Percussions association are going to make their way through Annecy with their spellbinding Samba rhythms as a warm-up to the 2018 Annecy Festival and in tribute to Brazilian animation and music,.

In collaboration with Annecy shopkeepers, the parade will follow three routes in the town from 2:30 pm to liven up the streets in the town centre and old town:

- starting from the jetty of the Libellule restaurant

- starting from the square de l'Évêché

- starting from the place Sainte-Claire

The three troops of the parade will finally join back together on the Pâquier and play songs together.

The town will be decked out in the colours of Brazil and nearly 100 musicians will transport you to the country that loves to party!