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Dilili in Paris

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The third exclusive screening of the film "Dilili in Paris", in the presence of its director Michel Ocelot!

It was imperative to schedule the new animated film Dilili in Paris by Michel Ocelot, which had been chosen to be screened during the 2018 Festival's opening ceremony, for a third exclusive screening in Michel Ocelot's presence at the Pathé d'Annecy cinema.


The story of Dilili takes place in Paris during the Belle Epoque. Accompanied by a young delivery boy on a tricycle, the small Kanak girl leads an investigation into the mysterious disappearances of young girls. During her adventure, she meets extraordinary men and women who giver her clues, as well as malevolent characters who dwell underground are known as the "Mâles-Maîtres". The two friends will fight tirelessly for an active role in an enlightened and open society...

This is a last chance offered to you for discovering this new adventure characterised by dreams and finesse! Don't miss out on this screening! Don't miss out on this screening!