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The passionate little rat who dreams of becoming a chef in the most renowned Paris kitchen... Remy, your favorite rodent and hero of the animation film Ratatouille, is coming to the Pâquier!

And who better than the gourmet rat to celebrate gastronomy, one of the themes of the Annecy Festival 2019 edition!

Set in Paris, where a true concentration of the great starred chefs reside, this Disney•Pixar creation from 2007, directed by Brad Bird, is an ode to French cuisine.

From the rooftops of the capital to its sewers, passing through the kitchens of the great chef Gusteau, follow Remy’s adventures, a rat with exceptional culinary talents and a fine sense of smell, whose lifelong dream is to become a chef. A strange dream for an animal that chefs hold a particular dislike to. Yes maybe, but not for Remy, he has unstoppable motivation along with his improbable sidekick, the blundering Alfredo Linguini!

Together, and up against his malicious colleagues, some devious traps and over-fussy culinary critics, they try and concoct the most sophisticated dishes, or enhance the simplest of recipes… Like ratatouille!

At this delicious screening an appetizer will be offered by two prominent figures of local gastronomy, chefs Jean Sulpice, Yoann Conte and Laurent Petit, who shall be present on the Pâquier to give a few words of introduction.

Just thinking about it makes your mouth water!

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