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Minuscule 2 – Les Mandibules du bout du monde

Minuscule 2 – Mandibles from Far Away

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The little characters from Minuscule are back to take you off on more exciting adventures!

Remember the amazing hero created by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud, a little ladybug full of bravado and calm, who we met at the Annecy Festival in 2014! The amazing Minuscule and his ant friends return in 2019 with Minuscule 2 – Mandibles from far Away!

As winter slowly settles in the ants’ valley, each has their own little method for collecting provisions. The heroic ladybug is trying to help his friends and gets shipped off by accident to Guadeloupe. Ant and spider have no other choice but to reform their super-duo and go across to the other side of the world to save him. To help Minuscule they will need to be at least two, going up against the praying mantises, carnivorous plants and other exotic threats!

With no dialogue and the simple use of amusing sound effects, this film will transport you to these little bugs’ funny and dainty world, where they experience great adventures millions of miles from there peaceful little valley.

A very pretty tale that will encourage you to see little bugs in a whole different light !

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