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SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout

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SpongeBob celebrates his birthday in a new episode conjured up by Nickelodeon!

Launched in July 1999 by Stephen Hillenburg, this year SpongeBob will celebrate 20 years of crazy underwater adventures! For the occasion, Nickelodeon has devised a special one-hour episode featuring the iconic Bikini Bottom characters and their equally iconic voice actors appearing on the screen for the first time.

While a surprise birthday party is being set-up for Bob, he is whisked away by his friend Patrick for a journey to the surface world. An excursion that will lead them to meet characters with surprisingly familiar traits, who are none other than the famous voice actors sneaking into the animated adventure during live action sequences.

Broadcast in 208 countries, translated into 55 languages, turned into musicals, memes and related products, the number-one children's animated series for 17 years certainly deserves such a celebration! This unreleased episode will be broadcast on July 12th on Nickelodeon, yet the festivities will begin at the Annecy Festival with a screening in the presence of Executive Producers, Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller, as well as the Producer, Jennie Monica.

An unmissable screening to celebrate our favourite square sponge!


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