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Terra Willy – Planète inconnue © Bac Films

Terra Willy – Planète inconnue

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Follow the adventures of Willy and his loyal survival robot discovering a mysterious new planet!

Riding aboard a spaceship, travelling in space, discovering new planets – all this Willy was lucky enough to be doing with his family ... until an asteroid shower forces him to pursue his adventures solo! Urgently landing on an unexplored planet, the young Willy, along with his survival robot, must wait until his parents come to rescue him. Far from being intimidated, he decides to document his time on this planet that is light years from his own, with his camera and his faithful robot. Unless there are some local inhabitants that decide otherwise!

An animated feature film released in theatres this year that tackles the fascinating themes of space exploration, extraterrestrial life and an encounter between two worlds – a universal fascination that fuels the curiosity of both adults and children alike.

Because there is no age limit for conquering space!