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Astérix – Le Secret de la potion magique © SND

Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion

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The Druid Panoramix finally reveals the recipe for his potion!

We often worry about the fate of our two heroes, Asterix and Obelix, in their adventures off fighting entire Roman armies alone, but we rarely worry about the village’s druid. What if something happened to Panoramix, what would happen to the famous magic potion?

After suffering from a sprained ankle Panoramix realizes that he is the only one that holds the secret, and that the time has probably come to transmit his knowledge… Yes! But who should he share this unique recipe with? And, what if it fell into the wrong hands? What follows is a long casting of the country’s most promising young druids – occasionally with questionable talent – in the hope of finding the rare gem! The whole of Gaul is shaken up about the news, which does not take long to reach Julius Caesar’s ears!

This new opus, by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier, released in theaters last December and named Best Animated Film at the César Awards 2019, shows our favorite heroes in a new light, who are vulnerable without their precious magic potion.

See you on 14th June to discover or rediscover the magic potion!