Open Source: (Creative) Fantasy or (Economical) Reality? Production Organisation

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Many studios have announced that they are integrating Open Source software like Blender, or even developing their own tools in their pipeline.

Some must have taken a step back, or at least seen their expectations reduce, while others are showing genuine productivity gains. Why? Is it likely that we could really switch to "full Open Source" soon?

After an introduction by the Academy Software Foundation, several animation studios will share their experiences.


  • Mathieu REY
    Mathieu REY

    Co-Gérant et Superviseur 3d
    Tu Nous Za Pas Vus Productions

  • Françoise BRES
    Françoise BRES

    Superviseur Pipeline
    Tu Nous Za Pas Vus Productions

  • Pierre DUCOS
    Pierre DUCOS


  • Michael FORD
    Michael FORD

    Vice President, Software Development
    Sony Pictures Imageworks

  • Guy MARTIN
    Guy MARTIN

    Director of Open Source Strategy


  • Stéphane MALAGNAC
    Stéphane MALAGNAC

    Prop'ose Communication