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Jours d'hiver

Winter Days

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A tender animated adaptation of a Japanese poem composed by many hands. 

It all began with a collective poem composed in the pure XVIIth century Japanese tradition . A co-written renku by Matsuo Bashō and numerous other poets, creating the verses of Winter Days one by one.

Using the same creative process this animated adaptation by Kihachiro Kawamoto was created hand in hand with 35 directors from around the world, and saw the light of day in 2003. The resulting feature film is composed of 36 short films, each interpreting one of the verses from the original poem in their own style. A genuine visual and audio journey in which each director reveals a glimpse of their universe to the audience, a personal style and free interpretation of ancient poetic works. Without any dialogue, each short film begins with the written verse it is representing, before painting an audio universe made from sound effects and music only.

A creative delight to discover in the moonlight!