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The Old Man and the Sea

The Seafaring World

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Be swept away by the tide for an evening out on the ocean.

From a sea raged by wars, to the peaceful freshwater rivers, the most mesmerizing of our elements is at the heart of this programme with four short films dedicated to the wonders of the waves.

The Sinking of the Lusitania, Winsor McCay, 1918

May 1915 off the coast of Ireland. The British liner RMS Lusitania sank after an attack from a German submarine. This animated reconstruction is its only visual testimony, as the event had never been immortalized.

Rowing Across the Atlantic, Jean-François Laguionie, 1978

It started as an ocean crossing…. An adventure like any other! But there are journeys that last a lifetime, and living in a constricted space is not that easy… So, let’s keep up appearances.

The Old Man and the Sea, Alexander Petrov, 1999

Santiago, an old Cuban fisherman, is out of luck. After eighty-four days without a single bite, he leaves his young friend Manolin behind, the only one who still has faith in him, and goes off to the Gulf Stream, in search of the catch that will restore the respect of his peers...

Rubicon, Gil Alkabetz, 1997

This film seeks to solve the classic riddle, "A wolf, a sheep and a cabbage need to cross the river. How do they cross without one of them eating the other?" The problem’s rational solution, theoretically speaking, does not seem to work so well when applied to reality.

Prepare your sea legs...!