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Focus on Tokyo

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Reserve a meeting with the project leaders between Monday 15th June, 11 :00 am and Tuesday 16th June, 9 :00 am, and join them on Tuesday 16th June at 11:00 am-1:00 pm (Central European Time - CET).

This session will focus on the development of Tokyo’s animation industry. Five celebrated Tokyo-based animation studios showcase their newest works!

This session features talented representatives of the Tokyo’s animation industry, selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Studio representatives will present their work and explore opportunities for co-production, distribution and licensing. We trust that you will have an idea of what Tokyo’s animation industry can offer and that you will deepen your interests in working with them.

Session in English


Satoshi Tomioka, CEO – Kanaban Graphics Ltd. (Japan)

Ken Yoshida, President & Producer – PICONA, Inc. (Japan)

Uruma, CEO/Artist – UrumaDelvi Studio, Ltd. (Japan)

Giulia Lamperti, Author, Director, Producer – ALUNITE Inc. (Japan)

Tetsuya Ohashi, CEO – CinemaLeap Inc. (Japan)


  • Feather

    Japan - Keisuke ITOH

  • Dragon Delivery

    Japan - Giulia LAMPERTI, Kohtaroh MOCHIZUKI

  • Twin Obaké

    Japan - Uruma DELVI

  • Samurai Pirates

    Japan - Yoshiharu ASHINO

  • Gustav, the Forest Keeper

    Japan - Satoshi TOMIOKA, Aguri MIYAZAKI