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Rai Ragazzi: Live with Luca Milano

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Whatis your editorial strategy/support policy ?

Rai is a public service broadcaster and its strategy has always been to combine entertainment and education in our offering for kids. We have two free-to-air TV channels for young audiences, Rai Yoyo, the leading Italian children TV channel, for preschool, and Rai Gulp, for kids aged 8-14. In-house production, mostly made in RAI’s studios in Turin, is increasingly important especially during these times, but the bulk of the offering is made up of animation and kids drama, co-produced or acquired by independent producers. The TV channels are integrated with the general RaiPlay VOD platform and the specific RaiPlay Yoyo free VOD service.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for?

We look for a wide variety of content. In animation, European co-productions involving an Italian production company are very important to us, and take the greater share of our investment budget. We also look for European products for acquisitions. We have less funds for non-European properties, but when we find unmissable properties or titles that deal with specific themes that are relevant for a public service media, we are pleased to include them in our offer. Animation and kids drama are the genres that we use more, we are also interested in documentaries for children. We feel that learning will be increasingly important for all of our TV channels. Having free VOD rights for Italy is essential for us as well as free-TV rights.